Don Guillermo V Flores Foundation

Agragsak Tayo Amin

For the Advancement of Literary Arts
A non-profit organization

The family and friends of Don Guillermo V.Flores, noted Ilocano poet, writer, and composer, are proud to announce the formation of the above named foundation for the purposes of preserving his works, and that of other Ilocano artists, for posterity and to promote the love and practice of the creative arts.

The foundation will work to:

 Promote literacy and love of the arts by funding higher education for promising students who lack sufficient economic resources

 Provide financial support to low-income families of students seeking higher education

 Promote the study, recording and dissemination of history, literature, and arts of the Ilocano people and its culture

 Provide a library/museum study center for the accumulation and display of Ilocano culture

 Provide material support to artists, writers and musical composers whose works highlight the Ilocano culture

 Provide senior citizens, people with social, psychological, or personal problems, and anyone seeking help a tranquil place where counseling, advice and material assistance may be obtained.