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Bust of Don Guillermo V Flores at Villa Flores in Piddig.

Don Guillermo V Flores

Don Guillermo V. Flores was born February 9, 1881 in Piddig  Ilocos Norte, the town of the Basi Rebellion. He was married to Dońa Adelaida Duque at an early age. They were blessed with ten children. He has shown a keen interest to learn and study the Grammatica Castellana (Spanish grammar), Geography and Arithmetica in the private school of his father, Don Cornelioi Flores, a maestro normalista and a native of Vintar, Ilocos Norte during the Spanish regime. He went to farther his study when the American Government took over in the Philippines.

Don Guillermo V. Flores was born with a golden pen in his hand, with a spirit that is noble, a spirit that is artistic and a spirit that is revolutionary—a devoted Patriarch, Consumate, Politician, accomplished Artist, Poet, Writer, Educator and Composer rolled into one.

In 1907, he became a Maestro (teacher) in the school of the American Military Government when there wasn’t a civil government established in the Philippines. Soon he became the Escritibiente Municipal from 1899 to the year 1903.

He was designated as Enumerador (Enumerator) of the first census in the Philippines. He became a Notario Publico (Notary Public) and was elected Vise Presidente Municipal (Vice Mayor) in 1913. He became the Presidente Municipal (Municipal Mayor) from 1916 to 1920. From 1935 to 1939, he was elected as Concejal Municipal (Municipal Councilman).

During the Filipino-American war, Don Guillermo V. Flores served in the Segunda Compania Batallion Ilocos Norte and was subsequently promoted to the rank of Kapitan (Captain) in the Association de los Veteranos de la Revolotion Filipina headed by General Emilio Aguinaldo.

During his administration from 1916 to 1920 the Municipal Council was constituted with Don Guillermo V. Flores as Municipal Presidente. Significant developments took place in Piddig. Under the leadership of Don Guillermo V. Flores, he established the Escuela Gabaldon (now the Piddig Central Elementary School) and the Presidencia Municipal which was later on improved and named Capitol Hill by the former Congressman of the First District, Governor of Ilocos Norte, Secretary of Public Works and Highways and Parliamentarian, the late Antonio V. Raquiza.

In the field of literary arts, Don Guillermo V. Flores produced some immortal Ilocano classics most notably, the song, Simngay ka Piddig. The song which evokes a strong sense of nostalgia among all Piddiguenos wherever they may be in the world and whenever they come together to relive past memories, to renew old ties, or just simply feel homesick. This song has now become the binding tie that unites us Piddiguenos, and the obra maestro that defines what Piddig is and its people.

He is also well remembered for some of the best Ilocano love songs and poems such as Canito ni Ayat, Sika Gayam, Guita ni Ayat, Diak kad Basol. Sueltos (Zarzuelas) some of which he worked closesly with Don Pascual Agcaoili another famous Zarzuelita of Piddig whose work was staged at the Cultural Center in the Philippines.

Don Guillermo V. Flores died at the age of 96 on February 18, 1977.