Don Guillermo V Flores Foundation

Agragsak Tayo Amin

The Founding Sisters

Don Guillermo fathered ten children (Rebecca, Perfecto, Virginia, Rumelia, Nestor, Salvacion, Sinesia, Aurora, Clemente, & Asuncion)with his wife, Dońa Adelaida Duque Flores. By the year 2007, fate and time had reduced the siblings to five. Of these, none remained in the Philippines and the rest were scattered from Hawaii and California, to Texas. The ancestral home in Piddig and the memory of this prominent Piddiguena family and its influential progenitor was in danger of fading into the dim past. The remaining five sisters determined that this must be prevented.

Together they arranged to rebuild the Piddig home, Villa Flores, to restored magnificence and installed a bronze statue honoring Don Guillermo. Reunions and parties are held there hosted by one of more of the Flores sisters and the town residents are once more regaled with the musical works and poetry of Don Guillermo. It was good to be home again.

“But this is not enough,” thought the Flores sisters. The spirit of Don Guillermo must be rekindled to preserve the Ilocano-Piddig accomplishments and make them available to future generations. Thus, the Don Guillermo Foundation for the Advancement of Literary Arts (DGFALA) was conceived and its purposes crafted. The officers of this non-profit organization are:






Funds will be solicited from interested and supportive persons through various means to carry out the functions of DGFALA. The officers will serve without pay or compensation.

Fur further information please feel free to contact us.

Rebecca Flores Subido


Rumelia Flores Velasco


Asuncion Flores Litonjua


Aurora Flores Barry


Sinesia Flores Hipolito