Don Guillermo V Flores Foundation

Agragsak Tayo Amin

************PRESS RELEASE***************

Members of the Don Guillermo Valentin Flores Foundation joined a group of volunteers to administer medical treatment and humanitarian aid to rural inhabitants of Ilocos Norte, Philippines in July, 2007.  The medical mission led by Dr. Ernesto Casintahan visited two barrios near Piddig, Ilocos Norte to provide medical examinations and treatment and to provide clothing, food, and hygienic supplies to the isolated communities.  Toys and snacks were given to the children.  The foundation, in addition to humanitarian aide, provides support and material assistance to students of the literary and musical arts in the region.


In February, 2008, foundation president Rebecca, secretary Asuncion,

and associate Reynaldo Litonjua will travel to Piddig on a humanitarian

and education mission.  Clothing, medicines, toiletries, and nutritional

items will be distributed to the needy of the barrios. 

Once again, Dr.Ernesto Casintahan will conduct medical examinations,

advice, and treatment.  The foundation officers will rendezvous with sons

and daughters from Manila and the United States who will constitute a

cadre of volunteers to assist in the mission.  In addition, a large shipment


of books of literature, math, and history will be distributed to area



During this visit, plans will be made to sponsor a sports archery tournament to take place in Piddig sometime in the summer of 2008.   Archery officials certified by the Asian games commission will regulate the event and certify results.  Local and national business interests will be solicited to support the tournament.

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